Being an Owner/Operator with Chriscott is rewarding.

We’re coming from a place of experience – with a leadership team made up of experienced Owners/Operators, we’re sensitive to the ins and outs that the job entails.

Dedicated to being a welcoming, hard-working and well-balanced employer, we take pride in our fleet of exclusive owner-operators and they enjoy working with us. Our relationship is one of mutual respect and a sense of family which translates to satisfied drivers delivering excellent customer service.

Chriscott drivers maintain their equipment in optimal running order and have our full support for roadside assistance should a breakdown occur. We work closely together to create a satisfying work experience for all our drivers.

There is one great benefit to being a Chriscott owner-operator, in addition to all the other advantages we offer: we file your e-manifests for you. We recognize that you have your hands full on the road and your time is at a premium. Chriscott does the paperwork for you so, when you get to the border, you have all you need to keep moving.


Do I work year-round as a fleet owner-operator?

Chriscott is sensitive to the fact that our drivers have families and responsibilities so every effort is made to keep the workload steady. We do our utmost to avoid cyclical employment strategies.

Where do I submit my application to join Chriscott’s fleet?

There are several ways: submit your resume through the online form located HERE or you can send your CV by fax, e-mail or traditional mail.